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21-12-2014 08:07:44 (GMT +02:00) Pretoria / Cape Town, South Africa

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Event This is Captain Lottering speaking 
Date 18. Nov. 2014 - 17. Jan. 2015  20H15 - 20H15 
Location Theatre On The Bay & Baxter Concert Hall, Cape Town, Western Cape,
Type Concerts
Description Event Type: On Stage, Comedy Marc Lottering`s popular characters returns to the stage in his brand-new one-man show THIS IS CAPTAIN LOTTERING SPEAKING. All the usual suspects are there: Auntie Merle Abrahams, Smiley, Galatia Geduldt, Travis and Colleen the cashier from hell. This time, everyone`s going to the airport, so fasten your seatbelts. Auntie Merle has very strong opinions on airline food, while Galatia is thrilled to be flying to Jo`burg to ``work on her albul``, finally. RELATED PACKAGES This is Captain Lottering Spea…
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